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A toy lover, first and foremost, Sebastian Von Cuervo has turned his love of play and creativity into a hugely successful career as graphic artist and brand architect.


Currently working as a packaging designer for the toy giant, Melissa and Doug, Sebastian’s love of toys started in the most humble of ways. Born in a poor town in Colombia, Sebastian’s parents hand crafted each of his toys. More than offering him a plaything, this simple act sparked an understanding of how art and play mesh seamlessly and instilled in him the artistic instincts that would fuel his success as a graphic designer and artist.


After immigrated to the United States at age 6, Sebastian quickly put himself to work selling shrink wrapped rocks on header cards to his family and friends. Commanding 10$ for each rock, Sebastian learned the value of hard work and his friends and family learned that this artist would not be stopped.


Growing up in New York City, Sebastian accepted his first “real” job offer and started working for a printing company. While he would eventually move on to more creative endeavors, this background in printing gave him the foundation he needed to take advantage of new opportunities in graphic design, web design, packaging and product design.


Though the years Sebastian has done work for clients all over the world and has worked with people from all walks of life. From logo design for NHL players to branding multi-million dollar companies, Sebastian enjoys it all. Whether he’s engrossed in designing new packaging for a Top Ten Toy Company or is working on new artwork for a nationally known celebrity, Sebastian’s passion and vision spring to life with unwavering consistency.


With work of this caliber, it’s sure to be noticed. Sebastian’s received many awards and acquired accolades such as Diesel’s 55 DSL People’s Choice Award and was recognized by the Huffington Post on his logo design for WBC Andre Berto in an article titled “The 10 Greatest Athlete Initials Logos.” Sebastian was also a featured designer on and has been featured on several online publications.


Through all this Sebastian has made some lifelong friends and met some of the most interesting creators in the world today, in an effort to broaden his creative life, Sebastian created The Creator's Quest, a show dedicated to joining some old and new friends in their homes, studios and some of their most intimate spaces to discuss their creative journeys.


From writers to toy makers, directors, entrepreneurs, musicians and anything under the creative world, The Creator's Quest will bring you to today’s most influential and creative people.

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