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Director of Digital Strategy

Melissa & Doug


In this episode of "The Creator's Quest" our guest is John Freyer. He is Director of Digital Strategy at Melissa & Doug and talks to us about taking online business direct to consumer and his experience taking back childhood.

John currently leads multiple teams at toy company Melissa & Doug, including marketing, merchandising, development and operations teams for their brand mission website,

John is a seasoned eCommerce and digital director with extensive experience leading company changing initiatives. As an industry leader, he has a passion and drive for bringing to customers a seamless brand experience across all channels and platforms.


He also spends time advising companies on their digital initiatives, speaking at industry events, and always up for trying something new. John has created the free iOS productivity app, JOT, is an actor and producer, and conceived a social networking platform for entertainment professionals. His current projects include The Creator’s Quest and the REAL WORK Series, which is tailored to the LinkedIn platform and designed to bring profiles to life.

“I am really proud that I work for a company with such a strong mission. Our toys provide a launch pad to spark imagination, creativity, and wonder in all children. We are also focused on mobilizing parents to prioritize child-led play over screen time and scheduled activities so children can discover their passions and unlock a lifetime of fulfillment and joy. That is how we define success.”


You can contact John by connecting with him on Linkedin:

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